Why does it still boot with FreeDOS?

Currently, for a question of time and in order to fulfill our priority specifications, Cpcdos is unable to manage only 5 functionalities.
These are the FAT/FAT32 driver, USB mouse, FR/EN USB keyboard and NDIS2.

Only these are necessary to run Cpcdos. FreeDOS, DR-DOS, MS-DOS, NTVDM, equivalent or emulator make it work.

Good to know

Whether Cpcdos is independent from FreeDOS or not does not have an effect the system performances, or system possibilities. When Cpcdos will be fully independent from FreeDOS, it will only change the name of the project. The project will be called «Cpcdos Kernel» instead of «Cpcdos co-kernel»

Oh! We are not alone

From July 1998 to 2001, ReactOS project, worked on the same wave length. They started the development of a new kernel based on DOS, and gradually became independent of DOS with years of development and thanks to its popularity. This is what the Cpcdos project tends to, even if this is not the highest priority. PFGM