What does cpcdos bring more than other kernels ?

Explicitly and concretely, what differentiate Cpcdos from the other kernels, are its ease of use and its possibilities.
Cpcdos is not compete with the Linux community, Microsoft, ReactOS, Rust. It only offers an "easy" and "ready to code" alternative.
A comparative title, Cpcdos is just as powerful like Windows 98/2000. But offers a much better graphical interface.

Simplified syntax hybrid programming language for 32bits operating system and desktop applications.

Portability on bootable devices (Boot USB, CD-ROM, SSD/HD..).

Windows and Clang/LLVM support. And Lua, Python, HTML/CSS graphic rendering (in progress)

Modular, free and recompilable system components through the SDK.

Running multiple operating systems in parallel (It's not virtualisation).

Simplified learning and practice of IT notions, for the general public at all levels!