OpenGL, it's true ?

Yes ! Cpcdos is now able to support OpenGL for 3D rendering.

The basic idea comes from the 3D GZE engine, developed by Michael BANVILLE, its engine was integrated into the kernel of the SDK kernel, but as it was quite heavy for the kernel, we decided to execute it in a modular way. This means that cpcdos can run a graphical engine from a Win32 PE exe., or from a Clang LLVM .BC / .LL.

Actually, we are OpenGL 1.3 (2001) and GZE

Our little exploits on Cpcdos :

Windowed OpenGL rendering under 'office' OS
OpenGL under office

Windowed OpenGL + GZE rendering
OpenGL and GZE

OpenGL rendering in full screen
OpenGL first render

Windowed GZE rendering with 2 pictures in rotation
Windowed 3D

Our first rendering in 2016
GZE first render

The video

Currently, whether GZE or OpenGL, 3D rendering is done by the CPU. Cpcdos does not yet support multi-core, performances level is very problematic .
We are beetwen 60 FPS to 70 FPS with simple 800x600 and 32 bits 3d rendering. We can also launch multiple instances of 3d engines.